Inspiration is Intention Obeyed”, Emily Carr.  We all have dreams, desires and thoughts about things we want to do, who we want to be, where we want to go.  It’s the pushing past the dreaming, the thoughts, the wishing that makes things happen.  Emily Carr lived from 1871 to 1945, and is our most famous Canadian female artist. It was not an easy time to be an artist, especially for a young woman.  Learning more about Emily Carr and her art journey made my first ever Christina Thoen Art Trip an amazing experience.    From a practical perspective: I love, love the ink and watercolor process.  Starting with the sketching! I had forgotten how much I love to sketch! And then going over the graphite with ink, of various thicknesses, and then the splashes of color – pure Joy!   Every art lesson started with an Emily Carr quote, as this was a journey into Emily Carr’s life, her journey as an artist.   The experience was inspiring, reminding me how fortunate I am to “do art”!    

My goal (my intention!)  for a few years has been to have an art show in an art gallery.  In December of 2021 I submitted a proposal to the Humboldt Art Gallery.   I was thrilled to receive a letter in February of 2022 advising me that I was invited to have a show in July 2024.  At the time it seemed a lifetime away.   The paintings (all 23 of them!) were dropped off earlier this week and the show is open from July 2 to August 2.  The opening reception is Saturday, July 6 from 1 until 4 pm.  My art has journeyed in the past few years….. from cows and clouds to lakes and forests and certainly has become more expressionist, in my humble view.

Emily Carr: “As the woods are the same, the trees in their places, the rock and the earth; they are also different too, as the lights and shadows and seasons and moods pass through them”.