Flowers in the Window #2

12" x 14" | 2019 | Acrylic Painting

I paint on Monday afternoons at the Prince Albert Arts Centre – a lovely old building on Central Avenue in downtown Prince Albert. The group I am a part of is Studio 1010: an open studio that keeps me accountable but also works with my current schedule.  Flowers in the Window #2 is from 2019, shortly after I started painting with Studio 1010 – I was needing inspiration, and beside me on the window sill was this pot of geraniums. I tried to get the lights and darks of the shadows and reinforce the architecture of the building, and still keep the piece “simple”. This was my very first painting that sold “off the wall” from Dr Java’s Coffee House – a local coffee shop in Prince Albert that was willing to take my art!  My very first sale, it was very exciting for me. So exciting, that I didn’t have a “good” photograph of the piece before it went off to its new home… hence, the fuzzy image!