We’ve decided to write our own wedding vows. Like many good ideas, it sounds really wonderful at first. Then comes the reality….I have to write wedding vows. I struggled…attempts were very lame, thoughts were scattered….I knew my heart but just. Couldn’t.  Get. It. On. Paper. And so I admit I asked Google. I ask Google something every day, and Google always has an answer. Never “I don’t know”, or “suck it up buttercup, figure it out yourself”. I didn’t realize how easy it would be to write “your own” vows! There are hundreds of versions and themes abounding…. And now there is GPSchat or something like that….. bigger and better than Google even!

After my initial excitement died down I was overcome with sadness….how sad that I would even contemplate “cheating” on wedding vows.  A match I truly believe “made in heaven” deserves my heart, however fumbling and awkward and even mushy that might end up.

So after that hurdle is settled in my mind, then comes procrastination….I simply couldn’t “find the right time”….oh boy.

But eventually something just clicks in my head that gets me started and I have to grab my laptop and start typing.  And then it just flows.  Thankfully our wedding is still 3 weeks away so I have plenty of time to reread and ponder and change this and that.  Procrastination can turn nasty really quick though,  if you haven’t left enough time… if you actually do procrastinate til it is the point of no return: Disaster!

Side bar tale of our God-inspired story: Barry had a dinner party for 20 people on New Year’s Day this year, 2024. He could have wallowed in his grief over losing his wife, Sheila, to cancer, but knew that wasn’t what God wanted him to do. His son Isaac cooked a big turkey dinner for friends from Barry’s church.  Most of the folks Barry knew from shaking hands and saying, “Hi, how was your week?”.  A few really good, old friends, but mostly not.  One of the couples he didn’t know really well went home after the dinner party and decided they wanted to invite Barry to join them for a few days at their condo in Mexico, later that month.  Barry knew I was going to be in Mexico with my TO sister and her husband at the same time…. so our God-story begins: Barry and I meet up for the first time ever in Mexico.  Jean and Andrew drop me off at the condo parking lot, and drive up and down the street keeping an eye on me, til Barry arrives.  I admit, there was a moment standing in the parking lot all by myself where I actually thought: okay this is when I get the call from some stranger who is laughing and says, “Ha! Did you really think there was a guy named Barry who was meeting you here, in Nuevo, Mexico? Ha! Gotcha – better call your sister back!”  But no, our God-inspired first meeting went well: Barry yelled over the balcony from 4 floors up: “Leslie, I’ll be right down!”; and the rest was pure miracle – God-inspired!

Getting married at 65 (nearly) is the best.  You can have a low budget and actually believe you’ll spend less than that.  Only 70 of the closest family and friends, not 200 because your parents “have to invite their friends”!  No hired photographer, no fancy decorations, no expensive dress ($49 online, plus alterations!).  Barry and I want to create a day that we enjoy from start to finish –  so we will greet our family and friends at the door of the church and go from there!

I can’t end this with a quote from the vows I’ve written, as I haven’t said them yet to the person I love forever and ever, til death do us part….. but here’s to living the life that we create and savor: robins chirping, sunshine on your face as you bike, video calls with grandsons, bear hugs, making new friends and cherishing the old friends. Just do it, and keep on doing it, don’t put it off.